BackBull by Cardin
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Planet Muscle Magazine's September 2011 'Blue Ribbon' winner!
REVIEW: Jedd Johnson [video]

The BackBull is awarded Planet Muscle Magazine's 'Blue Ribbon' award.

"We bought the BackBull for our gym at the police station because I’m trying to keep all the guys strong and healthy. I believe performing rows with the BackBull is a safer alternative to traditional rowing. A lot of us like using the BackBull for pull-ups because it’s a comfortable, natural, full range movement. Rowing with the BackBull becomes a closed chain, compound exercise where you’re moving your own bodyweight and strengthening your core by performing a reverse plank. These are the most effective and functional types of exercises and in my line of work it’s all about functional strength."
Sgt. Jim Vaglica, Strength & Conditioning Specialist / SWAT operator

Jedd Johnson |

"Bought another BACKBULL, (one for each house). You have a really good product, great for training clients."
Lou Ferrigno, Celebrity Apprentice

"I got mine today, what an awesome piece of equipment. Please let us know when you release new pieces!!!"
Raymond Jack

"Received my backbull today! thanks Mr. Cardin! Will try it in the gym tomorrow morning!! Back Day!"
Frank Levesque

"This thing tore me up. Can't wait to do it all over again though."
Ian Nagle

"An amazing workout. I added an X vest to increase the resistance of the Backbull."
Jack Barontini

Jack Barontini, owner of "Superior Metabolic Performance" in Ovieda, FL with his $1000.00 check from BACKBULL Window Sticker Drawing!

Kara from Superior Metabolic Performance in Ovieda, FL.