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Meet Dan  
Dan bought his first gym membership at the ripe age of 20. Results came quickly and sparked a fire, though it would have to be reduced to a dormant ember only a year later as he had to forgo the weights to put himself through technical school.

At age 24, Dan would move from his hometown Marietta, GA to Charlotte, NC where by chance (or fate), he began working at the Enterprise Fitness Center — owned by veteran Mr. America competitor and power lifter, Johnny Howie. "John had a vast knowledge of nutrition. He was one of the most intellectual, analytical bodybuilders I've ever met." Soon, an employee/employer relationship evolved into a lifelong mentor/student bond.

Within a year, Dan was focused on what was to become the first of many building competitions. "It was a small local show, and I handily won not only my weight class, but the overall title." Dan would spend the next two years participating in bodybuilding competitions and fitness modeling.

Dan's next move was to East Carolina University where he concentrated on physiology, nutrition and sports medicine. As a practical financial matter, personal training became an easy, time efficient means of employment, leaving more time for studies. But as graduation neared, and his reputation as an effective trainer grew, his part time job was growing into an actual career. Now the student had become the mentor.

At age 35, it was time to go home back to Marietta, back to familiar surroundings, and back to old friends. Quickly earning a reputation as the "go to" trainer in Atlanta, Dan was training dozens of clients within months. With the BACKBULL, Dan is now in the role of entrepreneur, having developed, manufactured and marketed a system and a concept where none had existed. "I've had an incredible ride so far, enjoying lifelong relationships and friendships along the way. In the next few years I know I'll be moving to the beach forever, that's where my heart has always been. Who knows, if I still find time to train people, maybe 'boot camp on the beach' is next!"