BackBull by Cardin
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Planet Muscle Magazine's September 2011 'Blue Ribbon' winner!
REVIEW: Jedd Johnson [video]
Getting Started  
1) To begin, adjust Smith machine bar height so bar is about four feet high.
2) Hang BACKBULL in center of bar with logo side facing away from Smith machine and toward farthest end of flat bench.
3) Next, lying on bench in face-up position, reach for BACKBULL handles. You should just barely be able to reach handles, if not, raise the bar one setting higher.
4) Now, bend knees approximately 90-degrees as you place your feet on the bench.
5) Keeping entire torso and hips rigid and flat, begin slowly and deliberately pulling your upper-abs toward BACKBULL by forcefully pulling elbows down and back. Once at peak contraction position (end position), forcefully squeeze scapulas together.
6) Torso should now be about parallel to floor.
7) Next, slowly lower rigid torso back to 'begin' position, only lightly touching bench, repeat. Set a goal of 8-10 slow deliberate reps.
Helpful Hints
- Do BACKBULL rows early in back workout while strength levels are still high.
- Use a very light, passive grip with hands (lat straps highly recommended).
- Concentrate on pulling your elbows down and back, not on pulling your body up.
- Always try to achieve intense scapular squeeze at top of exercise.
- Throughout exercise keep torso rigid and flat. No sagging hips!
- Always experiment with bar height and bench position. Everyone is different.
- Try to use feet and legs as little as possible.
- Remember, you are trying to row almost all of your body weight.
- For more advanced rowing see for instructions and videos.